Retail Safety – Key Benefits of One-Time Security Locking System

Pilferage and theft are real concerns for many retailers and rental stores, particularly for establishments offering small items like gadgets, CDs and DVDs. Without an effective system to prevent unscrupulous buyers and customers, businesses could easily lose hundreds to thousands of dollars each month in lost, misplaced or stolen items. This could be prevented easily, though, with the One-Time security locking system.

How it works

The One-Time security locking system is actually a new take on portable packaging. It can enclose or encapsulate an item but still allow shop consumers to access it physically, examine it and even try it. The integrated lock keeps the items secure by keeping it inside the package, thus preventing potential shoplifters and thieves from sneaking products out of the store. The packaging can only be unlocked using the Decoupler.

Key benefits

– Discourage theft

It is an integrated lock that helps prevent pilferage and theft. Only the store has the capability to unlock it, which makes the item more difficult to use in case it is stolen.

– Allows for direct interaction or access to the product

It’s just one of the components of an effective display approach of any retail or rental establishment. Retailers and rental establishments no longer have to keep items behind glass cabinets out of reach of potential buyers. Because the locking system allows for live display, items can be handled and examined.

– Flexibility of use

It can be used for different types of items, such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, toys, pharmaceuticals, memory cards, MP3s and USBs among others.

– Physically protects the items from damage

It also doubles as protective covering for items, preventing scratches, grime, dirt and dust. This is especially effective for top selling items, new releases or products that are considered sensitive or fragile.

– Reduces cost associated with damaged or stolen items

Since items cannot be easily taken out of the store or damaged deliberately, shop owners are spared the extra expense of covering for lost items. The One-Time security locking system also helps decrease the cost of handling the goods, which can only result to more profits for the business.

– Reduces the need for full attention from shopkeepers and security personnel

Most shopkeepers, sales and security personnel are just all too familiar with the problem of customer traffic, exacerbated only by crowds during peak hours and sale days. Since the One-Time security locking system prevents theft, shopkeepers only need to focus on marketing and sales and less on cumbersome detective work.